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Why you need to start your own Project Carbon Neutral.

Project Carbon Neutral.

For us to achieve a carbon neutral society, we must take meaningful action, NOW.

Our planet needs our help, and we all have a part to play. Society must become focused on securing energy efficient methods and operating with clean energy systems.

Project Carbon Neutral is here to simplify each step of this transition for you. We are here to guide you to become a Carbon Neutral contributor today.

There are three major steps to become 100% Carbon Neutral. These steps can be completed individually, or via an intensive single operation.

The key is engaging today.

These the 3 steps involved.

Step One – Energy Efficiency

MinSolar have coined this the Energy Reduction Phase (ERP). Our team of experts meet with you to identify areas of energy use that can be made more efficient. They will discuss the opportunities available to you to reduce your current energy use. Following our full review, you will receive a documented, clear roadmap to have every facility or system operating at peak efficiency. Once these efficiency measures and systems have been deployed, on average, 20-50% saving on your energy use will be achieved— pocketing savings in money and carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for the operation and environment, alike.

Step two – Energy Generation and Storage

Next is the Production and Storage Phase (PSP). Now we have your systems operating efficiently we will focus on clean energy measures, here our team delivers you a comprehensive plan detailing how you can generate sufficient energy from renewable energy sources. Our clean energy experts will develop a plan that is environmentally and financially responsible. The result for you; a clean energy platform that delivers secure, cost-effective energy supply. Yes, you can secure a green energy platform that is stable and reliable, backed up by sufficient battery storage solutions which will efficiently operate your facility no matter the size.

Step three – Carbon Neutral Certification

Finally, we take you through the step to verifying your operation as Carbon Neutral Certified (CNC). Our Qualified Carbon Assessors complete their Carbon assessment of your energy use footprint. This assessment covers all areas that make up your total carbon footprint. Following the assessment your Carbon emission position is calculated as either Negative, Neutral or Positive. You can now finalise your carbon emission position and take the final steps required to be fully verified as Carbon Neutral. If the position is Carbon Negative, your organisation will be able to secure carbon offsets to achieve the Carbon Neutral verification.

MinSolar’s mission is to deliver you the services for your own Project Carbon Neutral. Our promise to you — Avail all our client’s auditable systems for Carbon output reduction via implementation of intelligent solutions, to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of your operation.

Join us on Project Carbon Neutral, and together we can all work together to save our planet for generations to come.