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About Us

MinSolar is a expansion of the Minfree Company. Minfree have combined experts from all areas of the energy reduction and energy generation industries. With expertise in Electrical energy reduction, Electrical Engineering, Solar Energy systems, Leading battery storage manufacturers and a team of dedicated staff to ensure that every client gets to achieve the best outcome for their needs.

When MinSolar engages with a client, the sole objective is to ensure that we deliver the greatest savings through energy efficiency across every electrical system whilst ensuring that maximum performance is maintained.

It is pointless delivering any saving that impact on a systems performance. It is also needless for a system to be consuming energy that is simply being wasted. Every system that is not managed by today’s accessible smart technology is most likely wasting huge volumes of energy.

By reducing your energy consumption and then applying the market leading solar systems available with the addition of new battery storage systems it is possible to use no electricity from the grid. Yes, you can become cost and carbon free.


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