Solar Powered Pool Heaters

MinSolar’s solar powered pool heaters requires no batteries or grid. Simply connect solar panels. Ideally operated by leaving on to auto start in the mornings along with a DC pump. They will heat or cool the water and turn off in the evening. The thermal load will remain in the pool. Depending on the temperature and if there is a cover or not it will lose some temp during the night and then put it back in the next day.

Solar Powered Pool Heaters

Having a pool heater that can heat the pool all year round at no cost is an enormous cost saver and increases the time you can use the pool. If you choose to use it with grid power you have the option available. The WIFI functionality allows full control, daily and weekly timers, complete visibility with AC and DC consumption and the history of all power consumption.

  • A purpose built DC hybrid solar heat pump pool heater built from the ground up 100% DC – No electronic inverter.
  • They can operate independent of the AC Grid (Off Grid) turning itself on when there is sufficient solar power and back off when there is no longer enough power from the sun. No solar grid connection for installation, no utility company authority required.
  • Plug and play installation solar panels connect directly to MC4 solar terminals.
  • STC’s are claimable on solar panels installed on a unit – essentially covering the cost of the panels.
  • Uses eco-friendly R32 refrigerant helping to save the planet.
  • Brushless DC motor ensures extremely quiet operating levels.
  • Can be set to limit the AC power input if power consumption is a concern due to maximum power demand or simply to minimize the power consumption for economic savings.
  • Using solar power for one of our highest energy consuming appliances. Just common sense!

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