PV Direct Hot Water

We use the sun during the day to heat and store hot water, to use day and night.

One of the largest energy uses in any home is water heating, it can easily account for a quarter of the total home energy use, costing you big dollars every year.

PV Direct Hot Water

When the sun shines your hot water is free

Solatherm PV Direct is a hot water solution that is simple to install, operates silently, has no moving parts, no pumps and requires no water to be plumbed in or on your roof.

That’s why many Australians are installing the efficient Solatherm PV Direct Hot Water solution in their home or business.

It will reduce your carbon footprint and deliver significant savings on the cost of heating your water, all year round. The system’s intelligent design and dedicated solar PV array is the only system that can provide the average 4-person household it’s hot water expense at a net zero cost over an average 12-month period.

Why buy a PV direct hot water system:

Australian designed, made and owned.

Silent operation, no fans, no compressors.

Can operate independently without the grid.

Dual handed cylinder plumbing and electrical quick connect.

No freezing issues in frost prone areas.

No expensive plumbing of water in and on the roof.

Certified to all Australian requirements.

Designed and built for Australia.

Low cost maintenance & serviceability.

PV Direct Hot Water is an all-electric solution.

No moving parts, latest technology.

Independent 24 hr AC boost back up.

Can be used in confined spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Greater installation and design flexibility.

PV generated hot water excels in cold temperature environments with a clear sky.

Accurate temperature control, no system overheating.

No wasted energy, once the water is hot, the DC power can be switched to an inverter for use in the household or to a battery system or another DC appliance.

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