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Energy Production Solar

Imagine your business never receiving another power bill. It’s the reality many businesses are soaking up after investing in commercial battery and solar products. Businesses are rapidly taking note of their impact on the environment and continue to adopt sustainable practices. Switching to commercial solar power provides your business green credentials, an incredibly important advantage in today’s consumer-driven society. Making a commitment to sustainability demonstrates corporate responsibility to employees, other businesses, the press and the public.

In addition to helping the planet, commercial solar installation provides businesses with a competitive edge, making it one of the most rewarding investments a business can make. MinSolar are experts in the commercial sector and have installed a variety of systems across high-energy companies.


Reliable, quality power is even more important when your business relies on it to operate

Impacting your bottom line directly by reducing operational costs

Increase your organisation’s commitment to sustainability

MinSolar offers a range of systems that can be designed to suit your business needs, and decrease your electricity bills with low-maintenance, no-fuss solar and battery solutions. Our commitment to customer-service means you can depend on us! We understand how important it is for businesses to operate with a high level of accountability and transparency. Our team of passionate and determined consultants are ready to help you transition towards a sustainable business, and a sustainable future.

How it works

We kick off the process with a consultation to assess your business, its energy needs, and relevant patterns.

Complete a feasibility study to explore how we can help you reduce your energy costs, along with ample education on the best solar solutions for your use-case.

Dedicated consultants are assigned to your project to ensure successful design, installation and project delivery – alongside bi-annual and annual health checks

Commercial solar power installation is the key to escaping the burden of high-power consumption and exorbitant electricity bills. Chat to one of our experts today!


Battery storage has improved dramatically over the past 3 to 5 years. Prices have dropped with many new systems competing for market share and delivery capacity has grown. It is now commercially viable to invest in a battery system and not just a nice thing to have. Power costs are never going to get cheaper from grid supply. Battery power is saving you 100% on power cost as it replaces energy you would normally take from the grid once the sun goes down.

With single and three phase systems available MinSolar will supply and install the best system to meet your energy needs. It is a simple reality that we must pay for our energy. The only decision to make is who we pay our money to. Continue paying the power company or invest in our own system and pay the costs to your very own generating system.


Reduce your impact on our planet by reducing use of grid power

Every kW/h of energy generated by your own system save 900g of CO2.

Adding a battery to your Solar PV system allows more generation capacity.

100% return on investment as you cut out grid supply when using your battery.

Advanced technology allows you to monitor your energy usage 24 hours a day.

Web enabled monitoring allows access from any mobile device.

Significantly reduce your energy bills.

Increase your property’s value.

Move towards an off-grid lifestyle and be in control of your own power.

Low maintenance system.