Energy Reduction

MinSolar applies advanced technologies to reduce power consumption for all single phase and 3 phase electric motors for most applications including:

Water Pumps

Sewerage Facilities

Air Flow and Venting Systems

Refrigeration Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Range hood and Exhaust Systems

Irrigation Systems

Air-conditioning Systems

Most systems operating Electric Centrifugal motors

Energy Reduction

The major problem with standard electric motors is the expense of uncontrolled energy consumption at full power with no ability to adjust or control this power usage. The problem is caused from equipment’s operating systems being installed with no intelligent controls, they are simply able to be turned on or off.

MinSolar’s Hybrid Energy Saver (HES) delivers the solution, the HES allows electric motor users to take full control of their equipment all of the time and allows direct control of the power consumed.

HES reduces the operating cost without reducing the equipment’s capability of being ready at all times required.

MinSolar offer a 100% money back guarantee on HES performance to all clients!

There is no way you can lose with a HES system installed on your Equipment and this is verified by an independent certified energy consumption test.

MinSolar guarantees 20% power saving on every system or we will offer you a full refund! 

Certified Energy Savings

To ensure the system and savings are 100% transparent an independent certified electrical engineer will take measurements of energy consumption before and after HES is installed. This testing is carried out as standard for commercial applications and is available to domestic clients at an additional cost.

Examples are available on our Certified Results page.

The first measurement (1) is taken for 1 hour of kW usage on your existing system prior to HES being installed and the second (2) for 1 hour of kW usage after installation is completed.

The energy consumption certification is supplied along with measuring equipment and licence validations for 100% surety.

MinSolar supplies HES either by direct purchase to the client or where budget restrictions apply the HES system is installed on a upfront cost free, on a finance or lease agreement.

A saving of 30% will generally recover your investment in HES within 2 to 3 years or deliver savings of approximately 100% to 150% of the financing cost of the system. MinPower’s HES can demonstrate that it regularly achieves savings in excess of 40%.

Example: 35% Energy Saving for a 50 Meter Pool operating a 3 Phase 50 kW pump.

The below formula demonstrates savings generated from the existing usage (1) minus reduced usage (2).

IE: Existing equipment is using 50 kW per hour (1) @ 25 cents per kw for 24 hours each day. Running cost 50kW/h @ 25c = $12.50 per hour or $300.00 a day.

MinSolar HES is installed and usage reduced by 35% to 32.5 kW per hour (2). (1) 50 kW/h – (2) 32.5 kW/h = 17 kW per hour saved.

Saving is 17 kW per hour @ 25 cents cost per kW/h for 24 hours each day

17.5kW/h x 25c = saving of $4.35hr x 24hrs = $105.00 saving per day

30 day billing cycle saving $105 x 30 = $3,150.00

Client monthly energy saving = $3,150 00

Cash return to client over 12 months $37,800.00